40 Baby Tigers are Dead

Take action against animal trafficking

At least 40 dead tiger cubs were found in a freezer at Thailand’s Tiger Temple this month. Authorities also found a dead bear and numerous animal horns on the premises. If you click the link, keep in mind that the photos are very graphic.

Adisorn Nuchdamrong, deputy director-general of the wildlife department, made it clear that “the temple never registered these dead cubs. They are illegal.” Yes, not registering the cubs is an issue, but the fact that there were dozens of dead cubs in a freezer should be the glaring issue here. The head of the Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand, Edwin Wiek, says that this is proof of the temple’s participation in illegal animal breeding and smuggling.

The temple maintains that the abbot had nothing to do with the animal cruelty. Temple spokesperson Siri Wangboongerd even said, “There are news reports that this temple is part of the tiger trade route to the black market. How could we trade tigers? Who would do such a thing? This is a temple. This accusation is made without evidence.” So what is the presence of a freezer full of dead tigers supposed to indicate?

Take action against this tragic issue and other instances of wildlife trafficking with these resources:

Sign this petition to Preecha Rengsomboonsuk, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment at ForceChange.com. Its goal is to protect tigers from the temple.

Sign this petition at Change.org to ask Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to resolve this issue.

Care2.com has a petition against wildlife trafficking in general that you can sign.

ForceChange.com also has a petition up against animal trafficking in Bolivia, where over 70% of animals die before even making it to their destinations. Baby monkeys are sold from Bolivia as cheaply as $10 each.

Also, be sure to research any animal sanctuary or wildlife center before you visit. Steer clear of animal attractions that have controversial histories, such as those on this blacklist, and help work to close them down. The list also suggests alternative animal sanctuaries known for their high standards of animal protection that you can visit.

Educate yourself at the World Wildlife Fund. Learn about illegal animal trade issues, from why it occurs in the first place to its rippling effects and what you can do. Be sure to sign their petition to hold the United States to keep its commitment to stop the ivory trade.

Share these actions with anyone you know who might be willing to be a voice against animal cruelty.

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