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The Pepsi Refresh Project

The refresh project works in a system of cycles.

The Pepsi Refresh project is an organization funded by the Pepsi beverage company. Right now, the Pepsi Refresh project is in its 6th cycle. These cycles represent the amount of time allowed to vote for projects seeking grants. Grants are awarded based on number of votes each project receives. I consider this to be a fantastic experiment, finding ways to do good, while supporting your local communities by participating actively in social media.

The Pepsi Refresh project works by encouraging people to submit ideas they’ve dreamt up for helping their community. If their project gets enough votes, they’ll be awarded a grant. Choose from one of the project’s three categories. These are:  Arts & Music (where wishes about letting creativity shine do really come true!), Education (where Pepsi states that you can “refresh” anything from afterschool programs to lunch menus), and then of course Communities (where your idea goes to support and enrich your community).

Additionally, every month The Pepsi Refresh project poses a Pepsi Challenge question and seeks the answer from users and contributors who use the site. What does it take to become a part of the Pepsi Refresh project? Not much. Simply go to: and vote for your favorite project, voice your opinion on the forums, submit your own a refresh idea or answer this month’s Pepsi Challenge question.

This month’s question is: How would you make learning more fun? If something sparks in your head, head over to the site and maybe Pepsi will turn that dream into a reality!