Currently there are three countries in the world that censor the internet, these are: China, Syria and Iran.


SOPA would allow for the U.S. to become the fourth country. Knowing these facts, wouldn’t you want to stop it in its tracks?

Fortunately, with our ever increasing capacity for technology, there are very easy ways to put your foot down on this bill. Do you Tweet on the regular? Right now, the Senate is on a mandatory winter break, but when they return, they will be trying to pass their own version of SOPA called PIPA (Protect IP Act). This bill contains just as much corruption as SOPA. Clicking here will send out a Tweet on your account to the Senate Leadership, courtesy of Demand Progress.

For those still confused as to why stopping piracy would be a bad thing, watching this video may give you some perspective. For a visual representation of the way Piracy works, click here.

It’s bad enough that the government is using all of these acronyms for all these internet censorship bills on the rise (eg: SOPA, PIPA). These acronyms only serve to confuse people, but the scariest thing about SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is they don’t even need to create a bill. They could just take our rights as American citizens’ right out from under us, without our consent.

By good luck, there are activists (sometimes only three or four man teams) working round the clock to spread awareness to hundreds upon thousands of people (aka: the general public) about this completely unjustifiable bill.

This coming Wednesday, the popular social media site, Reddit, will go black for 12 hours, to read more, go here