Take action today

Take action today

Here are a few ways you can make the world a bit brighter this week.

Send a Love Bomb to Daisy: I have written before about Love Bomb, a wonderful project where we send a little note of encouragement all at once, every Thursday, to a person who could really need it. It might be a woman who lost her job, or a man who lost his wife; it’s always someone who could really use, well, a love bomb! This week’s Love Bomb goes to Daisy, a little girl faced with cancer for the third time in her life. Please click here to learn more about Love Bomb and to send a note to Daisy and her family.

Ask Shell to clean up its act. While we worried so much about the oil spill that ravaged our own country and beyond, we might not have thought about how oil spills effect the whole world. They continue, whether we are aware of them or not—such as the multiple Nigerian Shell spills that ruined the drinking water for the people in that area.  Please write to President Obama and ask that he sanction the company, forcing it to literally clean up the damage it has done and help the people of Nigeria recover from these harmful oil spills.

Help preserve farmland: Click here to learn more about the conservation funding in the Farm Bill and ask your Senators to support it, if you do.

Write the President. If you are like me, you write angry e-mails to the president on a regular basis—no matter who is in office! However, yesterday my little girl, age six, did something to pass the time while I was sick that really amazed me. She drew the president a picture and wrote him a simple letter of encouragement. Wow! Imagine what kind of positivity we could invite by sending our leaders some love and encouragement rather than our constant ire. I gladly put a stamp on that thing and addressed it for her, and I would encourage anyone else to do the same, no matter your political views.

Take action with the National Women’s Law Center. There are several actions that you can take today, from supporting jobs for women and families to ensuring that all women have access to birth control.

Ask Congress to support the Violence Against Women Act. This bill (S. 1925) expands the protection of the Violence Against Women Act to LGBT victims, Native Americans, and immigrants—people left out of the recently passed H.R. 4970. Please call your member of Congress and urge that this real act, S. 1925, be passed. You can contact her or him at 202-224-3121.