Take Action Thursday

Take Action Thursday

Here are just a few ways you can help create a positive world today.

Whether you’re strictly an armchair activist or you’re constantly in the physical trenches trying to improve our world, here are a few action items you might want to check off for the week. Be sure to post your own links and action items in the comments section!

Tell the Boy Scouts to Practice What They Preach

It’s incredibly disheartening to know that one of the most popular children’s organizations in America is still promoting discrimination! We don’t support any Boy Scout functions in our area for this sole reason. Please click here and ask the Boy Scouts to practice the kindness that they claim to do in their own pledge.

Find Out About the Peoples’ Rights Amendment

There’s a lot of talk about corporations having much more power than people these days, and much of it is not untrue. Click here to find out about the Peoples’ Rights Amendment, and what you can do to support it.

Put a Safe Space Kit in Every School

GLSEN is working hard to put a Safe Space kit in every school across America to help support GLBT teens. Now is an especially crucial time to carve space out of each school for these students who often have nowhere else to turn—and who even have politicians outlawing their right to talk about their sexuality in schools. Click here to help create a safe space near you.

Help Birds

Love birds? Want to help abandoned parrots or other feathered friends in need? Find out five different ways you can help parrots from the Humane Society of America by clicking here.

Learn About Racial Privilege

In order to eliminate racism in our world, we have to acknowledge privilege—even when we don’t see it, and even when it means looking at ourselves and our own culture differently. Please click here for 13 great resources about racial privilege.

Send a Message to a UN PeaceKeeper

I know that PeaceKeepers in The Hunger Games are a mostly awful lot, but the UN PeaceKeepers are usually people who dedicate their lives to keeping real peace and stopping violence. If you like, please send a message to a PeaceKeeper here as a part of the Thank a PeaceKeeper Program.

Help Fight Poverty and Natural Disasters

If you can afford it, send Mercy Corps a gift to help them fund programs that feed children, send aid during natural disasters, and provide other emergency support.