Take action on causes you support

Take action on causes you support

Speak up for wild horses, the environment and more.

Ready to start off the New Year with a few activist actions? Add your voice to the following campaigns to help make 2013 a fantastic year of change and growth for our country—and the world itself.

End mountaintop removal: President Obama has expressed his aversion to mountaintop removal in the past, and the government has been researching the harm that this destruction causes while he has been in office. That said, the violent practice still persists, and we need to add our voices to its opposition to get it to stop in 2013. Click here to read more about this issue and to ask the president to stop mountaintop removal once and for all.

Protect mustangs from slaughter: Wild mustangs sort of amaze me. The fact that we have any wild horses left at all just warms my heart; there are so few wild anything left with us noisy, big humans taking over everywhere. I really root for these horses. Some people, however, like the governor of Nevada, would rather see these horses shipped to slaughter at an auction rather than revel in the beauty of the few we have left. Thankfully activists have chipped in to save the latest wild mustangs he wanted to have murdered, but his philosophy on the issue remains a disturbing one. Click here to tell him to stop selling horses to profit in such a brutal way.

Ask Obama to talk about climate change: He’s dodged this question quite enough, don’t you think? As we continue to run out of fossil fuels toward the brink of our own demise, we are in desperate need of alternative sources of good, clean energy, and it’s got to be done now—well, really twenty years ago would have been nice, but we’ll take what we can get. Click here to tell President Obama that it’s time to break this silence on climate change and to finally get a plan in action to break our oil addiction, once and for all, before it’s too late.

Help Hurricane Sandy victims: Did you know that the House still hasn’t approved disaster relief funds for victims of Hurricane Sandy? This is absolutely shameful. I think that two months of salaries from House members should be the minimum relief sent at this point. What is the point of government at all if the people aren’t being helped? Tell John Boehner to stop blocking this relief and help our citizens already!