Maroon 5 Concert Promotes Cigs to Kids

Maroon 5 Concert Promotes Cigs to Kids

As a pretty big fan of Maroon 5—I’ve been known to play “She Will Be Loved,” “Won’t Go Home Without You,” and “Wake Up Call” on a three-song loop while working—I was just appalled to learn that the band’s upcoming concert in Indonesia is being heavily sponsored by a tobacco company, the Surya PROfessional Mild brand. It’s not just that they’re being sponsored by the company, though; the company is also holding a contest to give people free tickets to the concert, which has prompted thousands of kids and teenagers to sign up for the tobacco company’s newsletter in order to win (this was part of the registration process for the concert).  The tickets to the show also feature the company’s branding.

Forget cartoon characters on cigarette boxes being a danger to kids; now we’ve got musical groups peddling the product.

Maroon 5, thousands of children and teens love your music. When I first started enjoying it I was barely out of my teens myself, and both my sisters were still in junior high and high school. Your sound is pretty unique and there’s no denying how catchy your songs are. But as a musical group that has such a huge teen and youth audience, don’t you think it should be your responsibility to lead your fans by example and not promote what is perhaps the world’s unhealthiest product—indeed, a product which kills its own customers, as so many anti-tobacco ads have pointed out—to them?

And here is the kicker: the band has been known to actively campaign against cancer. This would be really cool, of course, if their concerts weren’t promoting one of the biggest causes of cancer on earth, the very one that several of my beloved relatives have died from. In fact, I doubt that any of us doesn’t know someone that hasn’t died as a direct cause of this product.

Please write to Maroon 5 about your concern for their sponsorship from this tobacco company, and especially the company’s actions to promote their products to youth. (Shouldn’t it be illegal for youth under 18 to sign up for cigarette company e-mails, anyway, by the way?) The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is hosting a campaign to ask that Maroon 5 apologize for this sponsorship and donate their concert proceeds to Indonesian health groups that fight against tobacco use. If you think they should do this, too, please click here to add your name.