Make your pledge and stick to it

Make your pledge and stick to it

Need some help sticking to a goal? Want to make a difference? Make a pledge.

Whether you are hoping to change the world but you need a little help or you just want to change yourself with a bit of accountability, you can do it at PledgeBank. PledgeBank is an online community where you can start your own pledge and ask others to help you with it.

For example, say you want to raise $100 for your local food bank, but you can only give part of the money yourself. You might make a pledge that says if 9 people donate $10, you will, too. Then people pledge with you and help you accomplish your goal.

The intent of the site is positive change through “positive peer pressure.” It might be a daunting task to build a new library, but what if the whole community pitches in? You might post that you’ll give $20 if so many others will, too—or that you can give nails if others provide hammers, wood, etc.

Not everyone uses the site for community change, however; some use it for personal development. If you’d like to set a personal goal, such as quitting smoking or walking every day, vow to do so if so many people join you. Then you have virtual partners who are engaged in the activity with you, helping to hold you accountable to your goal.