December Love Drop: Diomi and Nallee

December Love Drop: Diomi and Nallee

With Just $1 You Can Help Sponsor This Family!

This month sadly marks the end of the Love Drop project. It has been such a wonderful, giving operation to take part of and simply witness, and the amazing things it’s accomplished—from helping people get homes to learning aids, a car to food and so much more—are just so inspiring and humbling. If we take anything from this experience, aside from the joy of helping others, I hope it’s to realize that we can all make a difference in someone else’s life and truly even save a life—even if it’s just a dollar or a donated t-shirt at a time.

This month’s Love Drop is for a family that so many of us can relate to in this economy. Young mother Diomi has lost her job, like many of us in America, but she has also lost her father and is suffering from clinical depression. She loves her son Nallee so much, and is working so hard to provide for him. You can learn more about Diomi and Nallee by watching their video here.

It’s up to us to help Diomi and Nallee have not just a wonderful Christmas, but a special fresh start in the New Year as well. The mother and son have been helped by their pastor, who is working with the Love Drop team to help them get the items they need so much—including some nice clothing for Diomi to wear to interviews, school uniforms for Nallee, and especially food for the family during the following cold months. The entire goal from the Love Drop team is $3,000, and I just know we can all do it by pitching in together.

Here are some ways you can help deliver this month’s Love Drop right now:

  1. Spread the word! Share this article or the Love Drop website with friends, family, and coworkers. Post it to your Facebook page, print it and post it at the library, wherever you think it will help get the mission some attention and more aid.
  2. Donate just $1. That’s all you need to do! It will go toward basic necessities and care for the family—and Love Drop hopes to help them have a nice Christmas with a couple of presents, as well. Right now, they are all each other has in the world, and they won’t be able to get presents for one another.
  3. Send personal care products for the two, including bathroom items, kitchen or household stuff, bedroom items, etc. They could use anything you are willing to send.
  4. Send in a gift card to any national retailers, food places, or anywhere they will be able to purchase needed items. You might even want to think about passing along one you receive from, say, your secret Santa at work. It would certainly go to a good cause!
  5. Keep the family in your thoughts and prayers. Every good wish counts, and these two could use your love and support.